The preoccupation of Milonas family with the cultivation of the vineyards started in 1998 when the replanting of the 3.5 acres vineyard at “Chassani” took place, near Metochi. The specific vineyard dates at least before 1840, when the replanting of the vines was done with the method of artificial layers. During those days the disease filoxeras did not exist, but had remained as the main reason for the complete destruction of 99% of the vineyards in the area until the year of 1975, the “Chassani” vineyards among others. In 1998 the vineyard was replanted with different varieties, such as xinomavro, roditis, assyrtiko, moschato and limnio. Three years later the first wine of the family was produced and it was of an excellent quality.
In 2000 the small vineyard at “Pnevmatikou” was planted, at a slope near the road leading from Volos to Argalasti, right before the village. The varieties cultivated at “Pnevmatikou” are roditis, limnio and assyrtiko.
In 2009 the large vineyard of 10 acres at “Strivo” was created with three different varieties, assyrtiko (4 acres), merlot (5 acres) and muscat Hamburg (1 acre). Also the new winery of Milonas family was built in the village of Argalasti.